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by Elizabeth LaBar

Phase I - Eggromian History

From a thimble sized blob of primordial goo sprang the molecules from which the verdant planet Eggromo commenced.

Heavy meteor bombardment killed off all early life several times before the survival of any one-celled organisms. Billions of years later creatures grew in earnest from the bubbling internal vents. They have always resembled the birds and lizards that inhabit the Earth today. Eggromos are vegetarians and very passive. They roam, eat and reproduce. They have no natural enemies so life iss pretty darn good on planet Eggromo.

Eggromos love to sing. It is lucky that they have lots of natural amphitheaters and canyons on Eggromo. Their voices resound loudly and strongly. The Eggcropolis features the best crooners for the creatures entertainment. As they say, "Life is Sweet."

For two to three billion years existence went on in this manner without many changes. But as logic would have it, the Eggromos proliferated while their vegetation diminished. Starvation for all was only a matter of time. Because, as you remember, Eggromos love to eat.

Albie, a distinguished egghead, realized the enormity of the problem and began to think of ways to save his species from extinction. The ultimate weight- reduction plan would be a dreadful way to go. It appeared that leaving the planet in search of new food sources was the best solution. But how? They had no advanced technology. Space travel had never occurred to them before.

Albie thought and thought and ......thought. Eureka, he remembered the hypothermal calcium pools. These pools were always avoided by the Eggromos because they caused intense bloating and internal gas if ingested. In fact, in the past, the creatures who had erroneously sipped from those pools would swell to an enormous size just before involuntarily lifting off the planet with great force. Never to be seen again.

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Phase 2