by Elizabeth LaBar

Phase II - Albie Lifts Off

Albie's sister, Eulbie, suggested a planetary conference be called to order. She raised her voice to such high decibels that all the inhabitants heard her. They quickly convened at one of the huge, deforested fields near the calcium pools. It was decided, after an in depth explanation of the situation, that any creature who wished to search for new worlds could do so. The method was clear, drink and, well, drive into the unknown. Since Albie was the first to volunteer, he became the very first Gastronaut. Hundreds, then thousands more agreed to go. Only a handful decided to stay. They continue to live even now, we think happily, on Eggromo. But I digress ... It was a great risk saving the species in this manner. But these creatures were, and are, bold.

It was a sad day indeed when they all marched down to the pools to drink. They knew there was no alternative. Food was getting very sparse. Albie held his sister Eulbie's claw and they both drank heartily. Not long after they swelled and blasted off Eggromo. The other would-be Gastronauts did the same. No one knew how far they could go under their own steam, as it were, but they all did go ... very far.

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This brings us down to earth where Elizabeth LaBar often explores the marsh area near her home. There she unexpectedly came upon forms which resembled ceramic sculptures. Now the Eggromos were never very fast movers on their own planet but here on Earth they are excruciatingly slow moving as to appear inanimate, like glass. In fact, LaBar noticed that they move slower and slower as they age until they finally just petrify.

LaBar has so far kept the nest location secret. She realizes that they are unique. From time to time she excavates the site and brings the calcified beings out of their self-imposed tombs. 

The Eggromos bring joy. They provoke deep and shallow thinking wherever they are.

Copyright - Elizabeth LaBar 1999 

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